At Wellness Dallas, our success is measured by your satisfaction with the care and treatment you receive from our staff. We pride ourselves on being able to help patients overcome physical issues, from chronic pain to chiropractic care and rehabilitation.

98.8% of patients would refer friends and family to us.

Elite Wellness Centers for Back and Neck Therapies

This is one of the elite wellness centers for back and neck therapies. They offer the most comprehensive therapy from traditional chiropractic care, pain management, muscle laser therapy to massage therapy and even physical rehabilitation. They offer all of this while be personable and they truly want to help you along your wellness journey.

John B.

Staff here is real nice and fun people to talk with.

Started therapy here after a car accident with my wife, Dr.K is amazing and an awesome person. Always tries his best to work around our busy schedule and has helped us get better vary quickly!. Staff here is real nice and fun people to talk with. Makes our visits go by real fast 

Heli M.

This is by far the best experience I have ever had!

I never thought I would be pain-free in my neck, but Dr. K at wellness dallas has made me feel good as new! I always feel so much better when I leave. Dr. K works hard to make sure you’re feeling better than you have ever felt before! He solves all the problems so that the problem is permanently gone. I love this place- highly recommend them!

Kristin M.

Dr. K and his staff have always gone the extra mile.

Dr. K and his staff have always gone the extra mile.

Cody B.

Very happy with the progress and results thus far.

I’ve been seeing Dr K for over a year now and have been very happy with the progress and results thus far. The entire office staff is very friendly and makes weekly visits enjoyable rather than an obligation. Especially compared to other offices I’ve been to in the past, Dr K and his team have a great operation going, and I would definitely recommend them to a friend!

Tim S.

It is amazing how much better I feel.

I’ve been going to get adjustments for the last couple of months, and it is amazing how much better I feel. Dr. K goes above and beyond to educate his patients, and to ensure the best care and satisfaction. I would recommend Wellness Dallas to anyone.

Dave M.

What a health care provider should be.

This is the model of what a health care provider should be. Can’t speak highly enough of Dr. K, his staff, and the facilities. We will definitely miss our weekly visits as we move out of state. Years ago they helped my wife address a debilitating bulging disk. So glad we didn’t go to a traditional back “specialist” who love drugs and surgery. For me Dr. K’s treatments freed me from pain that was deeply buried.

You know back then. .. i used to just live with it. Now i know what feeling good is actually like. Wellness Dallas also has extensive therapy and rehab rooms that support healing and back/neck health. For example $7k high vibration power plate machines and even an xray machine. To top it off, their caring hearts are in the right place with regular charitable events in which chiropractic service is free, donations benefit local charities. Bless you Dr. K. You’re one in a million.

Grant S.

Caring and professional staff.

Caring and professional staff. Dr K is a great doctor. He seems to enjoy taking care of his patients. You can see that he genuinely cares about them. He educates you about your condition and his plan of treatment. My first visit was in 2016 after I started having problems years after a car accident. I am very pleased with the care that I received and continue to receive at Wellness Dallas.

Shirley S.

My visit to Wellness Dallas was great.

My visit to Wellness Dallas was great. Dr. Kontaratos was very thorough and detailed with the x-rays and giving me a preliminary assessment of my current condition and actions to be taken to improve my health. I was very impressed with the procedures and techniques to be used to correct my issues and I’m looking forward to my next visit to get my overall assessment and treatment plan.

Trevis G.

Impressive improvements in chronic problem areas

I entered Dr. K’s wellness program last year. Yesterday we compared this years x-rays with last years. Impressive improvements in chronic problem areas. I recommend the program to anyone who has long-term problems and doesn’t want to deal with (or trust) surgery.

Pat R.

I very much appreciate Dr Kontaratos and his staff

Dr. Kontaratos is very skilled in his profession. He has enabled me to move more freely and painlessly than any Chiropractor I have visited. This is not my 1st Rodeo, there have been many chiropractors that I have visited since my back injury in 1970. The difference It is not in just the adjustments that he has made the but the rehab program also. Dr. K has implemented a series of stretches on state of the art machines. This has made it possible for me to have a greater range of motion. His staff are the best. All are professional, caring, friendly, so polite and dedicated to their jobs. The instructions of how to execute the rehab to benefit you most are superb and very helpful. If what you are looking for is to greatly reduce your pain this IS the place to find that help.

Raymond A.

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