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For over three decades, Wellness Dallas has been providing effective, affordable massage therapy treatments for our patients in Frisco and the surrounding area.

Muscle and joint pain can arise from injuries, illness and the simple day-to-day stresses of our busy lives. Left untreated, they can eventually take their toll on virtually every aspect of your life.  For many, therapeutic massage is the answer they’ve been looking for.

Our interdisciplinary team of medical professionals is dedicated to helping our patients break the bonds of muscle and joint pain, and return to their healthy, active lives.

Is Massage Therapy Right for You?

In some cases, the most effective treatment for muscle and joint pain is surgery. However, massage therapy has been proven effective in the treatment of many chronic conditions.

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We offer a range of massage therapies designed to address a variety of conditions.  They include:

  • Swedish massage:  For mild to moderate muscle and joint pain typically arising from day-to-day stress and tension. Swedish massage targets the superficial muscles and is the most commonly available massage therapy technique in the U.S.
  • Sports massage:  Contrary to what the name implies, this type of massage is also appropriate for non-athletes. It is typically prescribed for those who regularly engage in strenuous physical activities while at work or play, and is highly effective at increasing flexibility and in the treatment of major muscle groups.
  • Deep tissue massage:  This massage technique is designed for the treatment of deep muscle layers and connective tissues.  It is typically prescribed for individuals who suffer from severe medical conditions resulting in chronic pain.
  • Trigger point massage:  Similar in theory to deep tissue massage, trigger point massage is administered to specific pressure points throughout the body.
  • Prenatal massage:  Has been proven effective at reducing anxiety, depression, and physical stress and discomfort often associated with pregnancy.

Don’t suffer needlessly from muscle and joint pain.

Learn more about massage therapy , and how it can benefit your overall health and wellness, by calling Wellness Dallas at 972-424-4243 today.

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