Six years ago, Eric was told by his doctors that he had only five years left to live.  He was a type II diabetic and weighed over 340 pounds.  His medications were costing him over $1,000 a month and he became severely depressed.  By his own admission, he withdrew from society.  That is when Peety came into his life.  Peety was a middle-aged, obese dog Eric received from a rescue shelter.  Peety himself had been neglected, unloved, and unwanted.  They were perfect in every way for each other.

“He’d gone from being in a situation like I was, where he didn’t have any friends and he didn’t know anybody, and really became a proud dog,” Eric said.

Eric and Peety started going on long walks and eating healthier.  This helped Eric lose over 140 pounds and he got off most of his medications.  They didn’t know they needed each other but they quickly became the best of friends.

“Beyond unconditional love, Peety taught me absolute loyalty,” he said.  “He looked at me in every sense as if I was the greatest person on the planet.  I decided I wanted to be the person who he thought I was.”

Sadly, Peety passed away recently from cancer.  But the impact this rescue dog had on Eric has changed his life forever.  “Thanks to Peety, I wake up every morning wanting to be the best person I can be,” he said.  “I think about it now, who rescued whom? I mean, did I rescue him or he rescued me?”

In honor of pets like Peety and the people who work to save them, we are inviting you to our annual CHARITY EVENT Saturday, September 24th from 9 am to 1 pm.  All proceeds will be going to a local pet shelter called Lap Dogs.  Go to our website www.wellnessdallas.com for a list of supplies to bring or you can donate financially to the organization.

We are donating ALL SERVICES on that day and no appointments are necessary!  Besides our normal services (free massages, adjustments, exams, x-rays for existing patients), we have great special guests.  Kara Weaver from Novi Te will be doing free weight loss consultations, free slim shots for weight loss, and free B12 shots for energy!  She can also tell you about the amazing VITAMIN DRIPSand how they can change your life.  Dr. Gaylene Gonser will be introducing her exciting line of nutritional products for a healthier you!

Anyone you have ever told about us, this is a great time for them to get checked out.  Consultations, exams and all x-rays are no charge for all new patients.  Tell your friends, co-workers, and family members to come on in.

Do not pro-cat-stinatepaw-lease make this a claw-some event and don’t stop retrievin’!  Make Peety proud…


-Cat litter (brands: Tidy Cat lightweight, Arm & Hammer and Fresh Step)

-Dry Cat food (Brand: Merrick Purrfect Bistro -Grain Free, Iams Adult Original Chicken, Iams Kitten)

-Paper towels

-Green Works spray cleaner

-Canned cat food and treats (anmy brand)

-Cat toys

-Small cat scratches (cardboard)

-Advantage topical flea preventative (dog and cat)

-Kirkland brand dry dog food (from costco)

-Wire dog crates (any size-in need of med/large)

-Used blankets/towels

-Collars (all sizes)

-Leashes (all sizes)

-Pee pads