Decades of research from scientists as well as experts in not only the fitness world but the aerospace industry combined their talents to produce an exercise machine that outperforms all others.

The Power Plate is a machine that uses whole body vibration therapy while standing, bending, twisting, turning, balancing, etc… To give you just a few examples, it improves all of the following:

  1. Strength
  2. Proprioception
  3. Balance
  4. Flexibility
  5. Circulation
  6. Nervous System Function
  7. Weight Loss
  8. Cellulite Reduction
  9. Muscle Tone

How does it work? This vibration at high frequency moves in 3 dimensions- left to right, front to back, and vertically. These small changes in direction create strong accelerating AND decelerating forces, 25 to 50 times per second! This strong vibration is actually adding gravity (or “G” forces) to your muscles. In quoting Newton’s Three Laws of Motion (I know…I am a geek) –

Force (F) = Mass (M) x Acceleration (A)

Force is the amount of work done, mass is the weight, and acceleration is the vibration aspect. If you increase either M or A, you will increase F which equals a much higher level of workout. Very simply, you are performing more work with so much less effort and time. This is your teenager’s or the couch potato’s dream come true!

Performing any kind of resistance training using whole body vibration beats any regular workout. The Power Plate vibrates so rapidly over such a small surface area that your muscles are forced to accommodate and won’t allow you to fall. This teaches your body balance, coordination, and strength through this unique stimulation. Similarly, when your physician taps your knee with a hammer, the resulting reflex is a muscle reaction through the tendon being stimulated. Now add frequency settings between 25 to 50 HZ, 1.0 to 6.4 G Forces. The brain will now recruit more muscle spindles inside the muscle and balances you through a series of micro adjustments. The amazing thing is most workouts last no more than 6-8 minutes!

Now for the research-
A study at the University of Liege in Belgium was performed on elderly people over a six week period. They performed only 4 one minute exercises 3 times per week and the results were amazing;

  1. 143 % improvement in physical function
  2. 77% improvement in balance
  3. 60% improvement in vitality
  4. 57% improvement in walking
  5. 41% reduction in pain
  6. 23% improvement in general health

A Medical College of Georgia study over 12 weeks showed increased bone density due to the resistance against gravity. Previous studies have shown increases in bone density in the spine and hips thereby reducing fractures in the elderly.

What about weight loss? A study at the University of Antwerp in Belgium revealed that the Power Plate was 54 % more effective in producing weight reduction than traditional aerobics and strength training. A 2009 study found that whole body vibration decreased visceral fat in post menopausal women. Visceral fat is one of the precursors of diabetes. Another study showed a 27% drop in the creation of new fat cells. Lastly, a 12 month study of obese adults lost twice as much visceral fat and kept it off a year later than those that didn’t use vibration therapy.

Our clinic purchased a Power Plate to accelerate healing from acute or chronic back, neck and joint injuries. The results have been outstanding. Patients using the Power Plate are more flexible, more balanced, and stronger than they have been in years. I believe this is the best kept secret among athletes, trainers, and astronauts. Now you know!

We’ve got your back.

Dr. K.